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Monday, September 15, 2014

I know that I am not the first person to ever say this, but there really needs to be another day between Sunday and Monday. Who do we talk to about that? If you find out, get back to me. I'll totally sign up to be on that committee.

Whether we like it or not, it's Monday. So far, my day is pretty good. I slept in until 7:30 (since when is that sleeping in???) and then met with my biochem professor to talk about the unmitigated disaster that was my biochem exam. Now I'm parked at my favorite Starbucks, sipping a black and white mocha with an extra shot of espresso that I for free because I have an addiction to caffeinated, froofy coffee beverages and caramel apple cider am a Gold Rewards member. I am chatting with Marcie, who I'm convinced is going to be one of my best friends for life (thanks, Internet, for being a strange and wonderful place where I find kindred spirits all over the damn country), and I have 2 hours until I have to be in my biochem lecture. Then this afternoon, I'm heading into Philly to get a blowout before meeting up with Chrystina for a photoshoot and dinner! Monday, maybe you aren't so bad...

Also, I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Here's what I learned.

1. You shouldn't be 20 minutes late to dinner reservations because the restaurant will think you're not coming and give your table away. 

However, you can take this opportunity to sit outside in the lovely fall-ish weather with your handsome husband and talk about rugs and babies while waiting for a table. Then you can eat way too much bread and a ton of delicious, homemade pasta, and then eat tiny cannolis and take cute pictures like this:

Happy 29th birthday, Ken!

2. Sometimes, party decor involves putting googly eyes on things.

Seriously, how cute are these? Also, that watermelon is kind of freaking out, but I love him. 

3. Babies can take selfies.

Happy 1st birthday, Fiora!
This is my "niece," Fiora, and Ken and I went to her 1st birthday party on Saturday. She was a little cranky because she had slept for approximately 30 minutes and having 40 people in her house was totally freaking her out, but still adorable. It blew her mind when I turned on the front-facing camera on my phone, and this was the result. She somehow turned on the back camera as well, which is why there's that weird postage stamp-looking thing above her head with a picture of my hair in it. Kids, man. They're the future... or something.

4. It's kind of weird to walk into a restaurant where your friend is having a drink at the bar, talk for a few minutes, not order anything, and then turn around and leave when she's done...

...but it can be done if you totally own it, which is exactly what Ken and I did when we met up with Pam on Saturday night. She has a policy where if she uses the bathroom or something in a restaurant or store, she has to buy something, no matter how small. This is how I got a pair of kitty socks from Urban Outfitters, and why she was drinking a sake at this bar. We decided to not stay there for dinner though, because the menu was heavily sea creature-based, and I don't partake in the sea creatures. We ended up at Continental, which was perfect because I didn't want to eat a lot (having eaten at the birthday party). We snapped this (blurry) photo, but I'm sharing it because it makes me happy. I have such beautiful friends, right?

Reunited and it feels so good! <3
5. I will never get used to the weirdo looks I get when I travel with my harp.

On Saturday, I played a cocktail hour at a fancy-shmancy venue in Voorhees and I think I totally freaked out the valet when I popped my trunk and pulled a harp out. Also, when I was putting my harp in the car, the neighborhood kids were outside riding their bikes and one yelled, "WHOA! THAT IS A HARP!" It made me laugh. I was reminded of the time that I took my harp to the Teen Arts Festival in high school and carried it around the campus of a local college. People were staring constantly. Related: Taking a harp on a school bus is nerve-wracking. The cocktail hour playing went well, even though I'm 99% sure that after everyone was in the room talking and eating, no one could hear me. Three people did come over and tell me that they really enjoyed it, so... thanks, three random people. Glad to be of service. I've decided to call a woman in Brooklyn who regulates lever harps, which means I'll be driving my harp to NY... but it needs to be done. (Regulating a harp is like tuning a piano, kind of.) I really enjoyed getting back into playing, and I'd like to keep it up. The harp was a gift for my 16th birthday from my mom, aunts, and Mom-Mom, and it was handmade in Haddonfield, so I would like to keep it and make it more playable. 

Harping it up!
Oh, hey, there's me in the mirror there. Whoops.
6. I am a sucker for kittens.

Ok, this isn't something I really learned this weekend specifically, but my mom adopted a new kitten on Sunday and I went to meet her. She doesn't have a name yet, but she is a sweetie!

Not pictured: Her adorable extra toes on her front paws.
My mom was thinking about naming her Polly, since she's a polydactyl kitty, but it seems so contrived, haha. I voted for Thumbelina, because she is quite wee (she's apparently a year old and only weighs 7 lbs!) and she has "thumbs" on her front paws. We'll see what name wins out. But really, I was just so happy to snuggle a kitten, even if she wasn't really a kitten, being a year old. Cats just make me really happy. I went home and snuggled my own later that night:

How many cats can we fit in this bed? 

13 years old and still handsome!
We also took this video of Gershwin playing in the curtains:

I said to Ken that I love our cats so much that I can't imagine how it will feel when we have kids one day, because apparently, we'll love them even more. Craziness. And speaking of crazy, we're going to meet this little dude on Sunday:

7. Sometimes, it's better to just start over.

This is the (very) humble beginning of a baby blanket for Sarah and Josh's little man, who is set to arrive on the 26th! This is the THIRD time I had to cast on, because apparently, I am challenged. The first time, I didn't leave enough of a tail to do a long-tail cast-on, so I had to take it off and start over. The second time, I left WAY too much of a tail (like... 3 feet... whoops), so once I was ready to start the project, I needed to trim the giant tail. Of course, I accidentally cut the whole ball off of the project instead of the tail, so instead of rejoining the ball and having 93 loose ends, I ripped the entire thing again and cast it on for a third time. Now we're on our way! Of course, the blanket won't be finished before the baby arrives, but like I said before, baby blankets don't expire!

So what did you learn this weekend? As for me, I'm off to learn some enzyme kinetics. I have to see if I can remember the story I made up at one point to remember the difference between competitive and non-competitive inhibition. It involved a guy at a bar trying to pick up girls... I'll let you know if I figure it out.

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- A


  1. That's so neat that you play the harp! I wish I could play a musical instrument--my parents never let me because they said I already was in too many activities, but then they let my sis play the violin, and I never let them live that one down. :)

  2. Haha, I kind of wish my mom had said I wasn't allowed to do some things in middle school and high school... I did WAY too many things! I don't regret any of my musical instruments, though. It's never too late to learn, you know!

  3. Yay baby blanket! Really loved this post by the way. And the idea of you traveling with a harp.


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