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Thursday, November 6, 2014

... is this thing on?

Hi. I'm back. After the exam almost 2 weeks ago, I essentially fell off the face of the planet. I literally, (and I mean literally, not that stupid and incorrect OED definition that's been added because apparently as a society, we can't help but mangle our language) averaged 15 hours of sleep per day. I am fully convinced that after exams, one can have an "exam hangover". Mine just happened to last for almost a week.

The good news is that our anatomy lectures are all recorded and so we don't have to go to class (because there actually is no class there, just the recorded lectures), so I didn't have many lectures to go to at all, and the ones I theoretically should have attended I... didn't. Whoops. This week has been better with regards to lecture attendance though, so there's that.

I don't have much to report in the way of "things I did when I wasn't here," because most of my activities involved me being asleep. I did buy a new rug for our dining room:

The room is starting to look more... room-like, but I am still not in love with the set-up. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do with it since the room is the shape it is, but I'm working on it. Once the piano is in there, actually where the big, orange, cat currently is in that photo, I'm sure I'll feel better. At least, I hope that I'll feel better. Otherwise, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Oh, and it was Halloween. We had about 50 kids trick-or-treat at our house, and we only had 2 Elsa's! We had a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (boys and girls, rock on) and quite a few ninjas, oddly enough. We also had a tiny Hulk try to come in the house and pet Gershwin, which was so adorable I almost burst. We also had this guy show up:

And no, I didn't give him any candy because chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Also on Halloween, I dissected a cadaver, which I think is the most appropriate way I've ever spent a Halloween. Our cadaver is a 91 year old lady who we named Trudy, and she has great lungs. In all seriousness, though, as much as I can't stand dissecting things because I find it boring and not a helpful learning experience, I truly appreciate the gift our cadavers give us as students. So thank you, "Trudy," wherever you are. Because of you, I will be a better physician. (And way to take care of those lungs.)

I also learned the important reason I set the coffee pot to brew the night before, because otherwise I have to operate my coffee pot before having had coffee, and then this happens:

Yes, friends. I forgot to put the coffee in my coffee pot before brewing said coffee. Whoops. Fortunately, I had time to brew a real pot before class, otherwise I may have committed a felony. Semi-related, I learned that Sinatra is alternately afraid of and intrigued by our coffee pot. This is what making coffee with a kitten in the house is like:
He knows he isn't supposed to be on the counter, and in fact, the next thing after snapping this photos was to spritz him with that purple spray bottle sitting behind him, but he kept getting back up there to investigate. He kept trying to stalk it, but then it would hiss or bubble, and he'd get scared and back off. My kitten is cute, but he isn't that bright.

Did I do anything else exciting? Not really. Went to class, slept a lot, dissected a cadaver... you know, run-of-the-mill stuff. This weekend should be fun because my dad is coming to visit from FL, and I haven't seen him since the last time he was here, which was over the summer. We're probably going to check out this exhibit at The Franklin Institute (because we're a bunch of nerds), watch a lot of football (during which I will knit and be confused), take in a movie, and eat a lot of delicious food. Tomorrow though, before the fun commences, I will be cramming anatomy into my brain like it's my job, which I guess it kind of is at this point. #medstudentlife

OH! And one more thing! I met Anna Nalick!


I went to World Cafe Live on Tuesday night for her concert with a few friends, and afterwards, she hung around to sign things and meet people. She is the sweetest, and I'm so glad that she's back on the music scene. Her next album should be out sometime in 2015, and I am STOKED. It was 8 years ago that Jenn, Brian, and I met while in line at our first Anna Nalick concert, back when the House of Blues in Atlantic City still existed.

Team Nalick, then and now!

And on that note, I'm off to go feed the parking meter (so my car doesn't get towed again) and then study until my appointment later this afternoon. Then... more studying. Thanks for checking in, and I swear, more interesting, amusing, and perhaps even useful things will be around this space soon! In the mean time, head over to Becca's blog to check out my guest post on how I ditched cable and how I'm surviving.

Have a lovely Thursday, y'all.

- A


  1. That dog standing at the door! OMG too cute! And I laughed at your "literally" rant :)

  2. Whoa... that is FOR REAL the most Halloweeny way to spend Halloween.

  3. Hi :) I'm here from Becoming Adorable! Loved your post!! I recently got my own place and got rid of cable after only a few months. It was so much money and I didn't watch it nearly enough. Now I just do the Internet + Netflix + Hulu thing. I try to avoid social media as much as possible and catch up on my shows via Hulu the first chance I get! I have one addiction (White Collar) that I do purchase on Amazon since USA doesn't always put the episodes on Hulu.

  4. I've definitely forgotten to put coffee in the Keurig before. That's how you know you're tired!

  5. The fact that people use "literally" incorrectly makes me LITERALLY want to punch someone.

  6. I thought so! I think they planned it on purpose, haha.

  7. Thanks for stopping by! Glad to know that you're surviving in a post-cable world. I have Amazon Prime, so I think I might get streaming video for some stuff... I'll have to check it out. Hope to see you around here more often!

  8. Seriously. It's no bueno. Fortunately, my coffee pot is quick so if I need to brew in the morning, I can usually squeeze it in, haha.


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