You Say Crazy Cat Lady Like It's a Bad Thing

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's not a secret; I am totally, completely, 100% obsessed with my cats. With all cats, really, but my cats are clearly the best, so you'll just have to deal with that. In case you're new around these parts, here are my fur-children:

Name: Gershwin
Nicknames: Gersh, Gershy, The G-Man, Buddy
Age: 14 years young
Weight: 12 lbs (formerly a 23 lb chunker, but a diet and thyroid issues have him slimmed down)
Likes: Snuggles, shoelaces, freeze dried chicken, Lysine treats, wet food, watching birds and squirrels
Dislikes: Liquid antibiotics, being tackled by Sinatra, when Mom won't let him on the counters
Natural Habitat: Cat bed, human bed, end of the couch cushion, closet, inexplicably in the bathroom
Catch Phrase: "I'm giant and orange, but I think I'm a 2 lb kitten. Rub my belly?"

Name: Luna
Nicknames: Looney, Looney Tooney, Luna Tuna, Lunaface, Miss Face, The Face, Little Girl
Age: 6 (but she's an old soul)
Weight: 16 lbs (she's the densest cat ever)
Likes: Laying on Ken, hiding, sleeping in sunbeams, sleeping as close to you as humanly possible
Dislikes: New people, the kitten, loud noises, change, the vacuum, being picked up
Natural Habitat: Under the kitchen table, under the bed, in any sunbeam she can find
Catch Phrase: "Nothing is okay, nothing will ever be okay!"

Name: Sinatra
Nicknames: Little Man, The Kraken
Age: 5 months
Weight: 4 lbs
Likes: Chasing anything that moves, tackling Gershwin, sleeping under chins, eating, playing with water
Dislikes: Being hissed at, not being allowed on the table, not being allowed to eat people food
Natural Habitat: All over the damn house, wherever you don't want him to be, under a chin
Catch Phrase: "WHEE!"

They're all rescues and all three have very distinct personalities. For example, Gershwin is currently lounging next to Ken, Luna is hiding upstairs in the cat bed in the hallway, and Sinatra has been chasing a wrapper from a lysine treat for the last 20 minutes. Welcome to Monday night in my home. As I was sitting here tonight, I found myself thinking of the crazy things I've said to the cats and thought I'd share a selection of them with you.

1. Why are you eating that paper?
2. No, you can't lay on my face.
3. Sorry cat, you're just going to have to accept that this isn't happening right now.
4. Get off. No, seriously. OFF.
5. Get down from there! You know better!
6. What the hell are you even doing up there?
7. Where did you find this? What even is this?
8. No, you can't climb in the oven.
9. Where's your sister/brother?
10. For the love of God, calm down, I'm trying to help you here.
11. Didn't we have this conversation?
12. Are you even listening to me right now?
13. Why do you need to be right there?
14. Well, that's what you get for running under my foot.
15. No. No. No. No. No. No. Fine.

It's a good thing they're cute, right? I wouldn't trade my fur-babies for the world, and honestly, if I didn't have a husband, I'd be a crazy cat lady for sure and would adopt ALL THE KITTENS! For more pictures of my cats (and other things, but I'm just being honest, it's mostly cats) follow me on Instagram and make sure you like the Facebook page or follow me on Twitter so you're always the first to know when there's an update (about cats, or otherwise!)

And before I go, there are only a few things I love as much as I love cats, and one of those things is birthdays. Another one of those things is blogging. Let's combine the two and celebrate Becca's birthday this month with a giveaway!

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- A


  1. DAWWWW. I'm a crazy cat lady too, don't worry

  2. HOW CUTE are they though? love their little faces!

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy cat lady who is also married. :)

  4. Thanks! They are kind of the best. Most of the time. ;-)

  5. Shhh, don't tell the others. I tell them all that they're my favorite. That's how it works with kids, too, right?


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