2014: How'd I Do?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last January, I wrote this post about what I wanted to do with 2014. Since the end of December is generally a time for reflection and whatnot, I thought I'd check back in and see how I did. 

1. Get into med school...?
Check and check! When I wrote this goal, I hadn't even received any interview invitations. Little did I know that a month and a half later, I'd be holding an acceptance letter in my hand. It's been a crazy ride thus far, and we're only almost 1/8 done. Yikes.

2. Knit a sweater
Nooooope. Once again, I have not learned how to knit a sweater. In fact, I'm still not quite finished that shawl that I posted about a freaking YEAR ago, but in my defense, I had to hunt down another skein of yarn in the colorway that I was using. Of course, the only reason that I needed to do that was because I am a moron who somehow turned a 1-skein project into a 1-plus-a-tiny-bit-of-a-second-skein project. This is why we can't have nice things. Like shawls that should only take a few weeks. I did knit a baby blanket for my friend Jenni, started another one, and have knit a couple of coffee mug sleeves (most of which have been ripped out because they weren't quite right). Maybe 2015 will be my sweater year...

3. Find a seamstress/tailor
Done! Thanks to Jen, the bride from the wedding I was in this past August, I found a wonderful seamstress a mere 15 minutes from our house. She does amazing work, is reasonably priced, and has a quick turnaround on jobs. I had my dress for Jen and Mike's wedding altered there, and I also had a few bras and a dress altered as well. Next up, getting some pants hemmed (finally!)

4. Put away money for savings
Check... sort of? Ken and I did put away money for savings, but then we bought a house, so... there went that. I didn't use the 52 week money challenge, mainly because I forgot that it existed, so maybe I'll try to do that this year. Who knows. I am calling this a success because we were able to buy the house, and now we're building our savings back up. #adulting

5. Go to the freaking gym... or quit it
CHECK. I finally quit the gym! It took... entirely too long, but it's great to know that I'm no longer paying $40 a month to not exercise. Remind me not to join a gym ever again, okay? Thanks.

6. Take more photos
I did accomplish this, but not because I used my DSLR, sadly. I did take a lot of photos this year, mostly of our cats, but hey... I did take photos, so this is technically a win. I also got a new lens, but I ended up getting the f1.8 50 mm, not the way more expensive f1.4 50 mm. In fact, I bought the 1.8 from Chrystina and I love the shots I've taken with it thus far. Maybe over the break I'll get some more practice in.

7. Build my blog
My original mini-goals were to write at least 3 times a week, buy a domain, get the blog redesigned, sponsor 4 blogs, go to a blogging conference/meet-up, and have guest bloggers. I.... did not do so well with this, sadly. For awhile, I was writing 3 times a week, and I may have averaged 3 times a week, but not on purpose. That's what happens when you go to med school, I guess. I didn't buy the domain for Simply A, mainly because I wanted to do that after I got the blog redesigned, and that isn't completely finished yet. I did sponsor a couple of blogs (Becoming Adorrable, Venus Trapped in Mars, The Florkens, and Six One Six), and I participated in a few giveaways with Becoming Adorrable! I also linked up with lots of blogs and connected with a lot of great bloggers around the country. I became part of the #PHLBloggers group, started by Chrystina, and even though I've only been to one meeting thus far, it was great to meet other women with blogs that are so different from mine. No guest bloggers yet... anyone want to be the first?

8. Be more intentional with my time
This was super vague, and I have no real benchmark for determining if I succeeded. I did stop looking at my phone so much, and Ken and I no longer sit in bed, glued to our phones before we go to sleep. Studying has forced me to uni-task, and hey, I actually kind of enjoy it. Imagine that.

9. Read more books.
Fail. In 2013, I apparently read 14 books. IN 2014, I read... 7. Again, I guess that's what happens when you go to med school. 

10. Attend synagogue more regularly
Nope, didn't happen. Whoops.

So... maybe 5/10, if I'm being generous with myself. Overall, not a bad year. I am putting together a little list for my 2015 goals, as well a year in review post, so look for those coming up. Let me know how you did with your goals for the last year!

As for now, I am heading back into my studying cave. Roughly T-41 hours until the last exam of fall semester, and then I will be FREE!

- A

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