Oh Hey, Friday - Holiday Edition

Friday, December 12, 2014

Another day closer to the end of the semester! Of course, that means we're another day closer to exams, but I'm going to ignore that fact for the next few minutes. Next week, I have an OMM written final on Monday, an OMM practical on Tuesday, class on Wednesday (wtf, why?), nothing on Thursday, and then our last block exam on Friday. And by "nothing" on Thursday, I obviously mean, "Studying until I fall asleep, go to class, or die." All that to say, the posting next week will probably be non-existent. I haven't been great about keeping up with it anyway for the past couple of weeks, but it certainly won't be getting better. C'est la vie.

So, without further ado, here are five random things for, "Oh Hey, Friday!" that are vaguely holiday/winter break themed.

1 | Ken needs to know what I want for Christmas, and I have no idea. 
Usually, I have at least a couple of things that I want, but this year, the only things I want are either school related (which Ken has vetoed), really expensive, things I'll buy for myself anyway, or things that need to be done around the house. He's requested "something fun" and apparently, I am boring. Any ideas of things I absolutely need!?

2 | I am apparently cooking on Christmas and that's going to be... interesting.
I am not necessarily concerned about messing up the food; I'm a pretty good cook. I'm more concerned that I won't be able to orchestrate roasting a turkey, making stuffing, making vegetables, putting rolls in the oven, making sweet potatoes, and making dessert... before 8 pm. But hey, at least I have a double oven and a convection toaster oven (in which I am theoretically able to roast a whole chicken or bake cookies), so we should be okay. I'll let you know how it goes.

3 | There is a perfect -1.00 correlation between my desire to bake and my desire to study.
Just a little stats nerdery for you. Also, there are just way too many recipes that I want to try... like this one... and this one!

4 | I am really not looking forward to the traveling we're doing around Christmas.
We do this every year, and every year I think it will be easier, and it never is. On the 26th, we're driving up to Long Island for the usual "Day After Christmas" festivities at Ken's grandmother's house. This is when we celebrate Christmas by cramming way too many people into a tiny house so we can eat Italian food and play poker until midnight. For bonus fun, I get to answer the same 20 questions from his relatives over and over again. And there's no wine. I don't play poker, so I usually spend the evening trying to entertain myself. At least this year, I can go back to Lynn's apartment when I'm tired and want to go to bed. Usually, I drive home on the 26th and Ken stays to see a few friends, but this year we're both staying over at Lynn's until the 27th. Then we're having dinner with Ken's dad's family. And then we're driving home and I'm collapsing into a pile.

5 | We are theoretically taking a couple days and heading up to the Poconos.
I haven't been up there in probably ten years, and Ken has never skied, so it should be an interesting trip, haha. Don't worry, there will be photos. Anyone have any favorite Poconos hotels or vacation recommendations? 

And on that note, it's back to the studying. The only breaks I am taking this weekend are to get acupuncture tomorrow and to grab lunch with my friend Patricia. Other than that, you'll find me in a Starbucks, mainlining coffee and cramming information into my tired brain.

Have a great weekend, all!

- A

PS: This time next week, I will be finished my last exam and will officially be 1/8 doctor. What!?

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