Winter Break: Then Versus Now

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Welcome to the week before exams, where the caffeine is plentiful, the tensions are high, and meltdowns are frequent, and sleep is at a premium. Hooray. As we approach the long-awaited winter break, I find myself dreaming more and more often of the things I want to do over my vacation. Then I stopped and laughed at myself, because the things I dream of doing on my break are totally lame. Winter break as a med student is even different from winter break as a working adult.  So, here are the things that I used to look forward to and do, versus what I'm looking forward to now.

Then: Playing in the snow!
Now: Praying for no snow, so you can get out and run all of the errands you haven't done in the last 4 weeks

Then: Eating the cookies your mom baked
Now: Grocery shopping, so you can bake your own cookies (or you know, have something for dinner besides frozen pizza or cereal)

Then: Making a Christmas list
Now: Frantically shopping for gifts because you have exactly one (1) purchased 

Then: Shopping at the mall
Now: Doing as much of your shopping online as possible so you can avoid humanity

Then: Seeing your relatives that you don't get to see very often
Now: Mentally preparing yourself to see your relatives (and in-laws, because you have those now), and that usually involves alcohol 

Then: Waking up early on Christmas morning to open presents
Now: Sleeping in as late as humanly possible and not opening presents until after you've had at least one cup of coffee

Then: Avoiding chores and household tasks that your mom wants you to do
Now: Cleaning ALL the things! Organizing ALL the things!

Then: Christmas carols!
Now: Trying in vain to find a radio station NOT playing "Last Christmas" by WHAM for the 43rd time

Then: Spending hours mindlessly surfing the internet
Now: Avoiding using a computer as much as you can 

Then: Catching up with your friends by staying up late having sleepovers
Now: Catching up on your shows by staying up late bingeing on Netflix

There are, of course, a few things that haven't changed. I'm still going to sleep in on what would normally be "school days," I'm still going to make cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning (even though I don't celebrate Christmas, really), I'm still going to drink hot cocoa with way too many mini marshmallows, and I'm still going to love Christmas lights twinkling in the night as I drive around (probably frantically shopping). 

What about you? What are your winter break plans? Are they markedly different from how you spent your winter vacations as a child? Do you still have a winter break? 

For now, I'm going to hunker down, continue drinking tea, and cramming as much studying into the next 8 days as possible. Ready, set, go!

- A


  1. Shopping online vs. the mall, avoiding the radio (and Last Christmas everywhere), and catching up on show are all SO RELEVANT in my life. I hope your break is at least somewhat restful; heaven knows you've earned it.

  2. Yeah, this sounds pretty much right. How do we bring holiday cheer back into all of it? It's something I'm going to work on for next year. (Yes, I realize I'm writing this on Christmas morning.... oops.)

  3. Sorry that it took me forever to reply to this... my break was SUPER restful! So restful that I didn't even blog!

  4. Haha, well... now we have a whole year to figure it out!


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