Blogger Men Tell All: January Edition

Friday, January 30, 2015

Well, it's 9 pm on a Friday night, so I'm obviously really nailing this blogging thing. However, I have a mostly-study-free weekend ahead of me because I took my renal/respiratory block exam today. While it may or may not have been an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions, at least it's over. I'm still waiting for 2 of the 3 grades, and so far, so good but... not great. Med school is fun, I SWEAR.


Anyway, it's the end of January (what the hell?) which means it's time to link-up with Becca for Blogger Men Tell All! Here we go!

1. What is your favorite memory with your blogger?
I have to pick just one?  Who designed this?!  Does our entire wedding day count as one memory?

2. What is her best quality?
She's endlessly loving and caring, and she puts up with me even though I say weird things in my sleep and don't know where trees come from or that cats are mammals.

Wife edit: There could be an entire blog post about silly things Ken has said in his sleep or weird questions he's asked...
3. What is something the two of you enjoy doing together?We're both really great at sleeping until noon on our days off, but we also enjoy sitting on the beach on lazy summer days, cooking, and pretending we're responsible adults.
4. What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written?There was one a couple of months ago I think where she did a profile for our cats with their nicknames and "likes" and what have you.  That was awesome.
Wife edit: I'm so glad he loves me even though I'm still a crazy cat lady.

5. How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week? (And what are you normally up to when she’s blogging?)
When she's not studying she puts in a few hours a week, tops.  Usually I'm playing the new Smash Bros. while she's blogging, but that's not surprising since I'm playing it more often than not lately.

Becoming Adorrable

This is one of my favorite link-ups to participate in, so make sure that you head over to Becca's blog and link-up next month if you want to play!

- A


  1. Haha, I'm glad he likes your cat post! I think it's funny, Tim's favorites are my posts about our pets too!

  2. I love that something you enjoy doing together is pretending to be a responsible adult.


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