How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oh, hey there. Remember that time I had a blog and then ignored it for two and a half weeks? Whoops.What can I say? I finished my first semester of med school and promptly tried to forget the fact that I was a med student at all. It worked pretty well.

I would love to say that I accomplished a lot, but that would just be a lie. Here are all the things I did and didn't do during the break.

I didn't accomplish a single house task. No pictures were hung, no rooms were finished.
I did have the house cleaned though, and we're using the same cleaning lady as my family did when I was really little. She's kind of amazing.

I didn't bake all the things.
But I did bake a really great apple pie. And I roasted a turkey for the first time! We didn't have a turkey lacer, so we made do with this:

Yes, that turkey is held together with yarn and paperclips. 
I also got a haircut after my last exam, which I will admit was the first haircut I've had since the end of July.

I may be a sleep-deprived med student, but my hair looks GREAT.
I successfully bought and applied RED lipstick:

Sometimes you just have to put on lipgloss and pretend to be psyched, right?
I didn't work on the blanket that I've been knitting, but I did finally finish this mug sleeve. Only I can take a project that is supposed to need scrap yarn and turn it into a project that consumed an entire skein. However, I didn't mail the Secret Santa gift to which this mug cozy belonged by 12/15. It's being mailed tomorrow because I am a terrible human being.

Blocking the mug sleeve, pre-button application 
We didn't go crazy on New Year's Eve, but we did spend it eating amazing food and playing Cards Against Humanity with some of our favorite people:

This is what happens when you try and take a selfie with 6 people. Where am I even looking?
Other things I accomplished:

- Slept almost as much as my cats
- Ate way too much food (and most of it was Italian, oddly)
- Survived my inlaws
- Survived my mother
- Drove my brother to Newark to catch a flight to Israel
- Caught up with a lot of friends
- Binge-watched Orphan Black, True Detective, and House of Cards
- Listened and became obsessed with Serial

And now I'm trying to remember how to do this med school thing. Only 11 weeks until spring break...

- A



  2. Thank you! It is Stila's All-Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery. I'm OBSESSED with it, although it takes me forever to apply because if I'm not careful, it gets EVERYWHERE.


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