Oh Hey, Friday! - 2015 Resolutions (?) Edition

Friday, January 9, 2015

Today is Friday, and it's an extra-awesome Friday because it's my 29th birthday! ::cue parade:: WHOO!

This weekend holds some exciting, and not-so-exciting, plans. Tonight, I'm going out with Ken and two other couples for birthday hibachi, and tomorrow I'm studying and then having dinner with my mom, Ken, and my aunt and uncle. Then on Sunday, I'm working at the library from 9-1 (AKA: Studying) and then going to Colleen's for binge-watching Downton Abbey in our pajamas! Sounds like a pretty great birthday weekend to me. Of course, it was snowing this morning, which isn't surprising because:

A) It's winter in the northeast, and
B) It always snows on my birthday. Always. (I think one year it rained. Whatever.)

Anyway, I'm glad my birthday is today because the next two weeks are going to be spent in my studying cave as I prepare for our first block exam of the second semester. Hurrah for the renal and respiratory systems, I guess.

But yes, today is "Oh Hey, Friday!" and this week, I thought I'd post 5 goals that I have for this year.

1 | Pass my first year of medical school
This is... pretty self-explanatory. The subgoal for this is to high-pass and honor as many courses as I can, but really, 70 = DO, so passing sounds great. So far, so good!

2 | Finish decorating and fixing the house
We still have a lot to do in two of the three bedrooms (there are still boxes!) and there is nothing on any of the walls. I need to call someone to hang out foyer chandelier and do a few other things around the house, but I will feel SO much better once our house feels like our home.

3 | Eat more fruits and vegetables
I feel like this shouldn't even be a goal because I am a grown-up, but I seriously feel so much better when I'm snacking on veggies or fruit than if I'm grabbing a granola bar or something even more carby and unhealthful. Ken started making up 4 salads for each of us at the beginning of each week, which has made it super easy to go home and grab one out of the fridge!

4 | Purge the clutter 
We got rid of a lot of stuff when we moved, but the boxes we haven't touched in the guest room are full of stuff that I could probably throw out and never miss. I want to keep our home clutter free; it's so much more calming to be in a clean and organized space!

5 | Spend more time in the moment
I am the worst at this. Literally (and I mean the real definition of literally, not that weird and stupid non-definition that the OED added this year), the worst. I am constantly anxious and worrying about the future and what's going to happen that I miss so much of the good stuff right in front of me. I've been more intentional with leaving my phone in my purse when I'm out with friends or eating dinner with Ken, and I've really enjoyed keeping up with my massage and acupuncture regiment. More time in the moment means less stress for me, and less stress is always a good thing.

And since it's so popular in blogland to pick a word for your year, I've decided to choose BRAVE. Other words I considered:

- Calm
- Hope
- Breathe
- Now
- Intent
- Honest

But being BRAVE, to me, includes all of those words. So, 2015? You are the year of BRAVE, so get ready. I'm 29 and ready to take on the world. (Or at least... this month.)

- A


  1. I feel good about this being a year of bravery for you. You can do it! And don't let your anxiety get in your way!!!

    Happy birthday, love! <3

  2. We barely have anything on our walls, either, but I kind of like it that way. I'm a minimalist!

  3. I'm also really bad at just living in the moment, but I'm getting there. And happy birthday! :)

  4. simply Awesome! (lol, did you saw that i just did there haha) i know you will make it, stay brave and show 2015 who's the boss :)
    ps: sending some love from the unfinished bloghop! ;-)

  5. Thank you so much! I am hoping that I can get it together with these goals. Good luck with any of your own, as well!

  6. Thanks, friend. 2015 is being a pain so far, but... I'm thankful to have a friend like you!

  7. I am.... pretty much the worst. Maybe 2015 will be our year? (And thank you!)

  8. Haha, I am a minimalist, but I need stuff on the walls! I love photos and art, so I can't wait to put our mark on this house even more!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! 2015 is already testing my bravery but... I guess we'll see!


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