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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Making Melissa

It's Wednesday! Whoo! Honestly, now that I'm basically in a studying cave, I have no concept of time or day. It doesn't help that I'm staying up late and sleeping in and generally not going to campus unless I have to. But anyway, it's apparently Wednesday and that means it's time for confessions with Melissa! Here we go.

I confess...

... this is going to be a very short post because I am woefully behind in studying for my GI block exam. In fact, I'm currently in the middle of a recorded lecture about intestinal parasites. Basically, all worms, all the time. It's pretty gross, not going to lie.

... I'm listening to this lecture (on my headphones!) in a Starbucks, so I really hope that no one looks at my screen because someone might vomit, or at the very least, think that I am a huge weirdo.

... Ken and I watched the entire season of Masterchef Junior in about a week. I seriously wanted to pick up the tiny 8 year old contestant and take her home with me. (I did not.)

... I finally got all of the gross salt washed off of my car today, so if it snows, you can totally blame it on me.

... I hate throwing out leftovers in the fridge that have gone bad, so I make Ken do it most of the time. (Thanks, honey!)

... I am vehemently anti-50 Shades. I'd rather watch this lecture on parasitic worms on a big screen TV than go see that movie or read the books.

... I would probably eat Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas multiple times per week if no one would judge me and it wouldn't make me weigh 500 lbs. (Yes, I'm aware that that barely qualifies as pizza. I can't help myself.)

... I was too lazy to drive back to my house this morning to get my earbuds, so I stopped at my mom's house (on the way to this Starbucks) and borrowed a pair of hers.

... I want to high-five the mom that just told her daughter (who was complaining that her hot chocolate was "so small") that she didn't need a big one because it was 4:30, even if she thought she needed a big one, and that's why she's the mom and the little girl isn't. Then she tousled her daughter's hair lovingly, and everything seemeed good. You go, Starbucks mom.

... I am SO excited to see Sarah and Marcie in 37 and 40 days, respectively. I don't even care that I'm spending my spring break in the midwest when most people are going to the beach. #partyinthemidwest

... Ken and I just booked our summer vacation and it was a great experience to work with Casey from The Road Less Traveled! We'll be heading to Punta Cana for a week and I cannot wait to just lay on the beach and have someone bring me beverages with umbrellas in them. 136 days!

... I really fucking hate anatomy and the cadaver lab. I would pretty much pay any amount of money to  have someone else take this course for me.

... I keep a small bottle of Febreze in my car so after anatomy lab, I can spray myself and my car. I refuse to let my car smell like Trudy (our cadaver).

And on that note, I must return to the land of intestinal worms. Med school is great, right? If you have confessions, go link-up at Melissa's blog and let me know where to read yours!


  1. Now here's the real question. Would you rather go to the cadaver lab or read 50 shades of gray? Or is that just mean?


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