Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Another Wednesday, another set of confessions!

I confess...

... my eating habits have totally sucked lately, and as such, I have gained a few pounds. Wah.

... the other night when Xbox Live wasn't working and we couldn't watch anything on Netflix or HBOGo or Hulu+, I was really upset. It's the first time I've really missed having cable since we moved.

... I really should be studying, but the contractors are upstairs making so much noise, it's hard to concentrate.

... I sometimes let Gershwin eat people-food. Cat-approved people-food. But people-food, still.

... There is still a load of laundry in the dryer from last week. 

... I have yet to finish my application for life insurance.

... I have no idea which company currently holds our mortgage, which is bad because I need to get a statement from them for tax purposes and... I don't know who they are. Go team home ownership.

... I would totally order one of these if it wasn't $190.00, even though I sitll probably wouldn't be able to curl my hair because I am inept.

... I am the worst at writing personal statements and statements of interest.

... I know that I should work and do something this summer, but I really don't want to.

... I have barely done anything today and I am ready to take a nap. Let's be honest, I was ready to take a nap when I woke up at 7:30.

... It is taking all of my self-control to not bake the brownies that are in my pantry. (See confession #1)

... It has taken me over an hour to write this extremely short and simple post. My brain is not on board today.

... I cannot wait for next Friday because I will be on spring break and visiting some of my favorite people and that is basically all I can think about right now, oh my God, run on sentence.

And that is all I have to say about that.

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- A


  1. I think you should bake and eat the brownies. #badinfluence

  2. You are a bad influence, but... I still love you. Don't worry. I'll even share my brownies with you. If I bake them, I mean...

  3. I have been eating junk food too! Ugh. I feel it -- I am sluggish and tired because of it. Hopefully we both can eat healthier :D

  4. I despise writing about myself, and I'm taking a grad class and that's the midterm- write about yourself (as a Project manager- I'm studying business). It's due tonight and it's taken me about two weeks to write that much because I keep procrastinating. Ugh. Bring on the brownies... and spring break!


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