It's Been One Week

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

And now I hope that song is stuck in all of your collective brains, because really, it's a good song and it's stuck in my head, so someone should share in this experience with me.

ANYWAY, hello! It's Wednesday and I haven't posted since last Wednesday, but that is what happens when you have a gigantic exam on Friday and another one the following Thursday. In fact, I should probably be studying right now, but I'm not. That being said, I have to get back to it quickly, so without further adieu, this week's installment of Humpday Confessions, a link-up hosted by Making Melissa!

I confess...

... That once again, I should be studying and I'm not.

... I'm not studying because I realized that I need a 35% on this cumulative physiology final in order to pass for the year. That made any small motivation I had remaining completely disappear. However, I don't want to be that jerk who didn't study at all and scored a 7 on the final, so... I'll study. A little.

... I recently had a nightmare that I filled out my anatomy practical sheet BACKWARDS somehow, so I failed. 

... My dad and step-mom are coming up from FL to visit next week and for some reason, my step-mom is obsessed with the idea of going to the Hershey factory. Fortunately for me, the factory itself closed in 2010, so no more factory tours exist. I'm hoping this means they'll take my suggestion of going to the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC!

... I really wish that my dad and step-mom weren't staying with us for 4 nights. It gives me agita, even though they're quite lovely, as far as relatives are concerned.

... Having my sunroof open for the first time yesterday filled me with an overabundance of glee. But today it's chilly again and I am sad.

... I ordered new glasses and I'm kind of afraid of them because they're from Warby Parker and they're bigger/more exciting than anything I've worn prior to this. I went with the "less safe" pair because there's a 30 day return/exchange policy. Don't worry, I'll be posting photos once they arrive!

... I got a massage on Monday and I was so tired/relaxed that I fell asleep. 

... I ate an entire box of Peanut Butter Patties by myself in a matter of days.

... I navigated the NYC subway by myself on Sunday and I didn't die or sit down and cry, but the main reason for not doing the latter is that the sidewalks in NYC are disgusting. 

And that's all I have for you today. Back to the physiology for me...
Making Melissa


  1. Anytime someone comes into your home for an extended period of time, it can be awkward/stressful. Hope you are all able to have a great visit!

    -stopping by from the link up!

  2. I've fallen asleep during a massage and proceeded to talk in my sleep

  3. THAT WAS MY BIG FEAR! I kept having these fleeting moments of consciousness like, "Did I just say anything weird???" So strange.

  4. I totally do have that song stuck in my head now, thanks. I'm glad you took the risk with the more daring glasses! I hope you love them and are so surprised with how great they look. Good luck on your exam too - hopefully no bad dream stuff occurs in real life!

  5. I survived! It was nice to see them, but it's a 3 day maximum for houseguests from now on!

  6. Thanks! I am loving the new glasses and have gotten many compliments. The exam(s) went well, but I'm glad their over, haha.


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