Grown-Up Weekend Plans

Friday, April 17, 2015

I remember a time when Friday meant that I'd be doing a hell of a lot of nothing. Those were the days. Now, I'm looking down the barrel of an extremely busy weekend and week that will be filled with studying and being up to my elbows in cadavers. Fun! (Not really fun.) So, here are 5 things that I cannot wait to do next weekend, when I'm not studying my face off!

1 | Clean the closet

You know you're a grown-up when you can't wait to have some time off so you can do housework. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Victoria's and she tried on every piece of clothing she owned so she could get rid of some things. Last night, it was my turn.

Goodbye, pile of ill-fitting, worn, and dated clothing! (Kitten not included.)
Now, my project for next weekend is to organize what's left in my closet. Here are some "before" photos!

Hopefully, I won't lose my motivation.

2 | Reorganize the bookshelf

This is my current bookcase:

As you can see, not super-organized. The space on the bottom two shelves is being taken up needlessly by binders from the first year of med school thus far. I have piles of books upstairs that need a home, and the binders certainly don't need to be downstairs. That means that next weekend, massive book reorganization is happening!

3 | Spend time with Ken

The last few weeks have been so busy with visitors and life that I feel like Ken and I haven't spent any really good, quality time together. He's been amazing, as far as cleaning and doing laundry and cooking, but we need some "us" time. I don't know what we'll do yet, but I'm excited anyway. If it's nice, maybe we'll hit up a local winery or two for some tastings!

4 | Read

I am currently reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, and I am loving it! I actually need to finish it tonight because I borrowed it from Amazon (three cheers for Kindle!) and it's going away tonight. Next week though, I will be starting The Girl on the Train, which I'm reading for an online book club, and also because it's gotten rave reviews. Until then, I'll only be reading these and my giant pile of notes:

5| Vegetate on my couch with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu+, and HBOGo

I've kind of been keeping up on my shows, (much to the detriment of my studies, haha), but I'd like to catch up with Downton Abbey with Colleen, maybe finish House of Cards (2 episodes to go!), and figure out how to watch The Returned sans cable. Any ideas?

PS: I'm thinking about watching all of Grey's Anatomy this summer. I loved the first two seasons and then started to hate it, but I think it would be fun. My brother and I recently started watching the X-Files from the beginning in preparation for it to be rebooted in 2016. Have you ever rewatched a TV show from the beginning? Anyone out there watch the X-Files when it was on the first time?

And with that, I'm heading out. If you need me, I'll be in a studying cave with my neuro and anatomy notes. 5 weeks to go!


  1. That sounds like a lovely (and busy!) weekend - hope you enjoy it! I really need to do the closet cleaning part. I want to take out my summer clothes and get a big donation pile started - I have too much stuff!

  2. Weekends are always super busy for us now, too! I can't wait to have a down weekend again, if there is such a thing anymore.

  3. I feel like even when we do have a "down" weekend, I always have that nagging feeling that we should be doing something! I'm bad at relaxing (unless I'm unconscious, haha!)

  4. I cannot wait for this weekend to get here so I can revel in the cleaning and organizing! And yes, go through your clothes! It's so freeing to get rid of all of that stuff!


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