Spring Break 2015: Exotic Midwest Edition

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hi there! First things first. You may have noticed that Simply A has gotten a bit a majorly needed facelift, and I am so excited about it! I'm working with Jenn of Hello Brio, which has been nothing short of fantastic. There are a few things left to be done, but I am already in love with it. I hope that you are, too! Spring cleaning: Not just for closets anymore.

I finally have a few minutes to sit down and write about my spring break! I also inadvertently took a break from blogging, but it was kind of lovely. I didn't have to think about whether my experiences were "bloggable" and I could really just experience the trip. I highly recommend that you do that every once in awhile. Of course, I did take a bunch of pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you!

My trip started off on Friday morning, after I was up way too late packing, as per usual. (When will I learn? Apparently, never.) Not only was I tired, it was snowing, because why wouldn't it be snowing on the first day of my spring break? Thanks, New Jersey. I was scheduled to fly from Philadelphia to Atlanta and then on to Lexington, but as luck would have it, the plane that was supposed to take me to Atlanta was having mechanical problems and so the flight kept getting more and more delayed. Delta Airlines was awesome though, and they offered to rebook me on a flight connecting through Detroit that was leaving from the gate next to ours. I decided sure, why not, the airport in Detroit was pretty nice, and headed off on my exotic tour of the midwest. However, I did take a picture of this before I left, because it made me giggle:

Moray eels are so weird and creepy.
After a brief layover in Detroit, I was on my way to Lexington. Sarah picked me up at the airport and I think we probably scared all of the surrounding travelers with our squeals of straight up glee at seeing each other again. I hadn't seen her since her baby shower last May, and even though we talk frequently, I miss her all the time. She's pretty much one of my favorite people ever. It was my first time visiting since they had moved to Kentucky a few years ago for Sarah's residency, so I was so excited to see their beautiful house and to meet their cat, Bob and their son, Patrick!

This is obviously Bob, not Patrick.
We had a relaxing weekend with wine, pedicures, shopping at Ulta for make-up, and lots of baby snuggles. We spent a ton of time in our pajamas, which was awesome. Of course, we also went out to dinner and looked like real people, so that required photographic documentation.

My beautiful LF!
(Reminder: Sarah and I met during freshman orientation at Wittenberg University in 2004, and because we're both wee, we started calling each other Little Friend, which obviously got shortened to LF. I can't remember the last time I actually called her by her given name, haha.)

Of course, I was absolutely over the moon to finally meet Patrick, who just turned six months old at the end of March. He is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen, and I am completely in love with him. Seriously, how can you not love this face?!

I have a framed print of this in my house because it just makes me happy!
After a relaxing weekend that was all too short, Sarah took me to the airport, we got lost trying to find the Enterprise rental car counter, and then eventually, I was on my way to Cincinnati to see my college roommate, Emily, for the next leg of my journey. I was supposed to be renting an economy car, but apparently, they were all out of those, so I got this:

Hi, this is my enormous Camaro.
Not going to lie, it was pretty fun to drive! I made it to Emily's without incidence and we hugged for about an hour because I hadn't seen her in what felt like an eternity. Emily and I were roommates at Wittenberg for the second semester, after we both spent first semester with the world's worst rommates. She is the roommate against which I judge all other roommates, Ken included. It was a total fluke that she was in Cincy the weekend that I was traveling, as she is currently working on her doctorate in Madison at The University of Wisconsin. We grabbed dinner with her mom at Tom + Chee, which as you can probably guess, is a grilled cheese restaurant!

Happy to be with my roomie!
After grilled cheese, we went to Graeter's, which is one of my favorite ice cream places on the face of this planet. Even though I somehow managed to throw ice cream on myself not once, but twice, it was a delicious trip.

Not pictured: Me, throwing ice cream all over myself.
We spent the rest of the evening just chatting and catching up, and it was so nice to spend time with her. The next morning, we were up and on our ways; Emily to the airport to head back to Madison, me in my gigantic car to head to Indianapolis for the last part of my tour of the midwest.

This was my first trip to Indiana, and the drive from Cincinnati to Indianapolis was.... boring. Indiana is extremely flat, and that's really saying a lot considering that I'm from southern NJ, where hills basically do not exist. I did see a fair number of cows, and some interesting billboards including, "Don't drive naked," and "Pajama bottoms aren't pants, people." Eventually, I made it to the Indianapolis airport, where I deposited my huge car and waited for Marcie to come and fetch me.

Fun story! I "met" Marcie (who blogs here) through blogging, and we and I had not met in real life before this trip! It was the biggest "blate" ever, basically. Not going to lie, I was kind of worried that it was going to be really awkward or weird, but from the minute Marcie picked me up, it was like we were old friends. We grabbed some chicken nuggets for lunch (like adults), and then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and chatting. It was a seriously relaxing couple of days, during which we spent as much time as possible in our pajamas, camped out on the sofa. We also went to a local yarn store, but we just pet all of the pretty yarn and didn't buy anything. I also spent a lot of time trying to fight off advances from the extremely loving Grover:

We had an early morning on Wednesday, as I had to be at the airport around 7:30. We realized that we hadn't taken any photos at all during my visit, so we took this extremely glamorous car selfie:

So glamorous.
Fun fact: Marcie made that scarf that I'm wearing, and she gave it to me because it was too itchy for her. Bonus scarf!

And that, my friends, was my whirlwind tour of the midwest. The rest of my spring break was spent entertaining my dad and step-mom, which was alternately really fun and really obnoxious. Pro tip: Don't overschedule your spring break so much that you need a break after your spring break. Other pro-tip: Don't leave your winter coat in Lexington and your external battery in your rental car. (Sarah is sending me the coat, and the battery was mailed to me from Enterprise... but it was a pain in the neck to get it!)

If you had a spring break, how did you spend it? Have you ever been to the midwest? Have you ever had Graeter's, and if not, when do you plan to get some???


  1. Love the blog redesign! Hopefully now I can read it on my tablet without cursing your name :D

    I'm shocked that you didn't leave anything at my house. Grove probably helped keep you neat and tidy. Ha! Nosy shit. Have you finished the blanket yet?

  2. Yay thanks for having me do work on your blog. It's been a pleasure to work with you!!

  3. Hahaha, I am SO close to finishing the blanket. SO CLOSE.

  4. The pleasure was all mine! You're fabulous! <3


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