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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I confess....

... I really meant to go to class this weekend  but... I haven't thus far. I would say that tomorrow is another day to try, but I have therapy at 11 and a dentist appointment at 3, so let's not kid ourselves. Maybe Friday?

... I didn't accomplish many of my grown-up weekend plans from last week. I didn't clean the closet or organize the bookshelf. I did succeed in reading a book, spending time with Ken, and vegetating on my couch, though so... win some, lose some?

... when Ken and I went wine tasting on Saturday, it was $5 for 5 tastes each, but we ended up each tasting 6 wines because the guy working the bar didn't ask us for a ticket for one of them. I didn't say anything.

... I had a really bad day on Monday and spent the entire day on the sofa, occasionally crying, while watching the most random things on Netflix.

... I didn't know that I had curly-ish hair until grad school. I mean, I knew that it had a weird wave in it occasionally, but I had no idea that it could do this. I'm pretty into my curly hair these days.

... Actively trying to get pregnant makes me feel like a crazy person. Sorry if you've been on the receiving end of this crazy.

... I should be studying because there are 23 days left in my first year of medical school and there is a lot to cram into that time, but instead, I'm blogging. Whoops.

... The fact that there are 23 days between me and being 25% of a doctor is alternately exhilarating and frightening.

... I learned about Peek from Nadine at Blog Brighter and I signed up for a free evaluation of my little blog here. I'm nervous to see what someone has to say about it!

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  1. annnnnd now you've taught me about peek.

  2. Haha - now I'm looking at Peek as well! What a cool idea :) Let us know how it goes - I'm assuming the person will be constructive and not mean, but it does make me a bit nervous.

  3. 25% of a doctor sounds pretty neat to me. And you're not the only person feeling crazy! Haha

  4. Did you have one done? How did it go!?

  5. wow - that's really annoying! Oh well :) still fun to check it out I guess.


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