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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hi there. It's Tuesday, and I have 3 days (including today) to get my proverbial excrement together to take our first Clinical Medicine exam on Friday. I should really be more concerned about it, but it's hard to feel motivated to study when I feel like the entirety of the block is a rehash of my MPH. The photo above is of my current and usual view when I am in the library. I sit in one of two places. Out here where there are lots of windows, or in the back at a table surrounded by the stacks, where it's quiet as a tomb. It's quiet up here, too, but there are more people. As you can see, I'm blogging instead of studying, but... oh well.

Since it's been awhile since I did a "currently" post, I thought it was about time!

THINKING about how I need to be studying more. A lot more. Also about the PHLBloggers event I went to last week and how I want to change things up around this space...
FEELING alternately pretty good, punctuated by abject anxiety. It's been a weird month here.
READING Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It started it approximately 937 years ago and I love it, but I only read it before I go to bed or if I bring my Kindle to read while in waiting rooms. I also just borrowed All the Light We Cannot See from the library, and they'll steal it off of my Kindle in a week and change so I need to get on that.
WATCHING Hannibal. Oh my God, Hannibal. Also, Ken and I have been watching Louie on Netflix. We haven't watched The Walking Dead (we're still on Season 4) because it was just SO bleak. We want to start something else soon, but I'm not sure what. 
TRYING to catch up on studying, organize my house, and remain calm.
BAKING as much as humanly possible. I have the ingredients for a Key Lime pie in my fridge, and I haven't made the world's best peanut butter cookies in awhile. Have to remedy that! I bake when I'm stressed and don't want to study. I call it procrastibaking.
EATING carrots. So many carrots. It's kind of problem. Please tell me if I turn orange. 
DRINKING iced tea. Hot tea. All the tea.
CALLING Comcast 900 times. My least favorite thing in the world.
LOVING Ken, my friend Kristian who is living with us for the time being because she is super handy and is going to teach me how to use tools, and also anything chocolate.
ENJOYING sleeping in, having a house cleaner once a month, and making Starbucks flavored coffee at home.
HOPING for good news soon.
LISTENING to Circle + Bloom meditations, and the Undisclosed podcast. SO good.
THANKFUL for my husband cooking for me when I am too tired or stressed to cook, for friends I can call at any hour of the day, and for my upperclassmen friends who keep me sane.
What are you currently up to?

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