Life Lately: November

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hi. It's been a minute. I have a bunch of posts brewing, and I promise, they're coming soon. I decided I should at least update what's been going on here before I start talking about why you should get the flu shot, how not to refinish a dresser, how I study in medical school, and lives I may have lived if I was a completely different person. Also, probably a lot of things about cats.


THINKING about how I just need to get through this week and Monday's exams so I can relax for 6 days straight. Also thinking about how cool psychiatry is, and how I might actually like it as a career. To be continued.

FEELING sleepy. Ever since DST, I've been practically falling asleep at 5 pm. I maintain that people were meant to hibernate between November and March.

READING books for school. First Aid for the Psychiatry Shelf and Psychiatry Case Studies are super thrilling, let me tell you. I'm supposed to be starting The Secret History for a book club, but I keep forgetting to pick it up at the library. Also still reading a ton of blogs and journal articles.

WATCHING a lot of things on Hulu/the internet. So far in the rotation we have SVU, Criminal Minds, American Horror Story: Hotel, and Quantico. Ken and I also watch Last Week Tonight and The Daily Show, and I'm planning on catching up on Blindspot, and maybe starting Chicago Med. We'll see. Over the weekend, I saw The Martian, which was excellent. Highly recommend.

DRINKING so much mint tea. My favorite is Jade Citrus Mint from Teavana right now. I've also been trying to drink a lot more water. Success has been... less than optimal.

LOVING that Sarah, Josh, and Patrick are here this weekend! I met Sarah our freshman year of college when we lived in the same dorm, and we've been pretty inseparable since then. They live in Lexington, KY where she is a resident physician, so we don't get to see each other very often. I am so happy she's visiting; she is seriously part of my heart.

LISTENING to podcasts, of course. I started listening to Radiolab, and now I can't stop. Thankfully, there are about 937,000 episodes, so I don't think I'll run out any time soon. I also downloaded the first season of Invisibilia, which is great. There are only 6 episodes, but they're supposed to be doing a second season.

PLANNING for next week/weekend. After Monday, I am off for 6 glorious days. On Thanksgiving, Ken and I are driving to New York to see his best friend Pete and have dinner with Pete's family. Then on Saturday, we are cooking "Thanksgiving" for what turned into 9, possibly 10 people! I've never had dinner for that many people in this house, other than ordering pizza for game nights, so this should be interesting. My mom will be around to help with the turkey and stuffing, but it's all happening at our place. It should be fun!

WEARING scarves, so many scarves! Victoria just gave me a blanket scarf, and I have yet to really master wearing it without looking like I fell into a pile of fabric. Also, if I could just wear pajama pants for the rest of my life, that'd be great.

WONDERING what I'm going to get people for the holidays. I love giving presents, but I'm not very good at it sometimes.

WISHING that I could nap way more frequently and that I had time to really finish decorating our house. Winter break will hopefully be a time for that!

And how about you? What are you up to lately?

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