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Monday, March 7, 2016

Tap, tap, tap... is this thing on? 

Hello! It's me. I've been wondering if after all these -- oh, wait. No. That's not right. Sorry.

Anyway, I'm back. A few things have happened since I last wrote, so I figured that a good old "Currently" post would be helpful. But first things first.

We're having a baby!!!
If you follow me elsewhere on social media, then you totally know this already, but I figured an official announcement on the blog is necessary. Baby Girl (!!!) is due June 19th, and we are over the moon to be growing our little family. This photo was from around 22 weeks, and the bump has been continually growing. I'll be sure to do a photo montage of the pictures I've taken thus far, and I'll be doing some weekly bump-dates here now. I have so many thoughts about being pregnant and having a baby, so I apologize in advance (not really) for the upcoming baby posts. I promise, this won't turn into a mommy blog, though. Pinky swear. 

Now that that's out of the way... on with the show!


THINKING about the fact that there are 53 days left in 2nd year, 39 of which are school days, and 8 of those days are exam days. There are also 93 days until my board exam, which is moderately terrifying.
 TIRED. Growing a human is exhausting, and med school certainly isn't helping. Fortunately, this past weekend was full of sleep and relaxing, so hopefully I can make it through this week. Also, I'm feeling lots of kicks and who knows what else in there. Baby Girl is very active these days, and I love it.
 blogs. First Aid for the USMLE (even though I'm taking the COMLEX). Consumer Reports and reviews of baby products, because apparently, this is my life now.
WATCHING HOUSE OF CARDS!!! Ken and I just started the 4th season last night, and we managed enough self control to only watch 3 episodes. So good. I'm also still watching Criminal Minds, SVU, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal. I started watching Blindspot, but I'm pretty far behind, so I only watch it every once in awhile. I'm trying to get together my Netflix/Hulu list for this summer when I'm home for 12 weeks with the baby. Suggestions welcome!
 to muster up the motivation to really kick my boards studying into high-gear. I need to start banging out the questions from UWorld/ComBank/ComQuest, and getting more micro in with SketchyMicro. If anyone is interested, I'll post my upcoming study schedule, and how I'm using CramFighter to stay organized. 
COOKING as many times a week as possible. We got into a habit of eating dinner out once a week, and decided to quash that, so now we don't really go out as much, and more often than not, if we don't cook, we order a pizza or go to Panera or something. We try and reserve our dinners out for time with friends, rather than, "Ugh, I am not in the mood to cook." Also, we're great cooks, so eating at home is awesome.
EATING all the cheese. So far in pregnancy, my food cravings haven't been that bizarre. From weeks 4-6, all I wanted was hummus, which was hysterical because I never liked hummus before that. I don't know what it was, but I could NOT eat enough hummus. In fact, I MADE my own hummus, that's how much I was eating. Now, I'm eating cheese, peanut butter, fresh fruit and veggies, and trying to cut down on the sweets (but chocolate has been calling my name!)
DRINKING orange Fanta, which is also weird. I had occasionally had orange soda in the past, but since being pregnant, it is the only soda I really want. This is convenient, because Fanta is caffeine-free and although I haven't sworn off of caffeine entirely, I don't drink as much as I did before, mainly because I don't need it. I'm also trying (operative word) to drink 3 liters of water a day. So far, it's not going well.
LOVING maternity clothes. Stretchy pants forever. Although if someone could invent maternity jeans that don't fall down, I would kiss them on the mouth. Or at least pay them a significant amount of money.
DISCOVERING more podcasts that I love! My list of "must-hears" now include Lore, No Sleep, Serial, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, RadioLab, Tanis, and The Black Tapes. If you have other suggestions for weird, creepy, sci-fi, horror, or generally interesting podcasts, leave them in the comments!
ENJOYING the weather. I think we finally had our last snow of the season a couple of weeks ago, and this week, the temperatures won't be below 60. Aside from the inundation of pollen that is sure to follow, spring sure is nice. (Of course, now that I've said that, it will snow 3 feet this month.)
HOPING that everything with this pregnancy continues to be good. So far, things with the baby have been great, and she is doing awesome. Keep growing, little one!
LISTENING to podcasts! And recorded lectures. And sometimes the radio. But mainly podcasts and recorded lectures.
CONSIDERING buying my own domain name. Anyone have a preference for which site to buy through?
STARTING to get the house ready for baby! I decided to rearrange the living/dining room, put a mantel shelf over the fireplace, and am trying to plan for a gallery wall downstairs and some other photos around the house. We'll be painting the nursery over Ken's spring break, the furniture is ready to be picked up, and my baby shower is May 15th. Time is flying!

And now, you're basically all caught up! I'm going to try and blog more frequently, so check back around these parts for an update soon! I missed you guys!

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